Five Problems and Improving Methods of PVC Cable Material in Extrusion

First, Scorch phenomenon of PVC cable material when extrusion
Mold export smoke, the smell of strong stimulation and crackling; plastic surface with particles of burnt material; together there is a continuous bubble.
1. Screw long-term use, the screw is not cleaned, accumulated scorched material out; split screw cleaning can be completely.
2. Heating time is too long, plastic aging, scorch; shorten the heating time, check the heating system is a problem, and timely maintenance.
Second,Poor plasticization of PVC cable material when extrusion
Plastic surface with frog skin phenomenon, the surface of Ukraine, and a small crack or no plastic good small particles. There is a clear trace of the co-operation.
1. The temperature is too low;
2. Granulation, the plastic mixed with plastic or difficult to plasticize the particles; mold sleeve may be appropriate with a little more to improve the pressure of the plastic mouth.
3. Screw and traction speed is too fast, the plastic is not completely plasticized; appropriate slow down, extend the heating and plasticizing time, improve the plasticizing effect.
4. material problems; refueling.5256743276697285468_pic1.jpg.l.jpg
Third, The surface is not goodextrusion of PVC cable material when extrusion
1. difficult to plasticize the resin in the absence of plastic extrusion, resulting in the surface of a small crystal point and particles, distributed around the surface; should be appropriate to improve the temperature or reduce the traction line speed and screw speed.
2. When mixed with impurities, the surface of impurities pimple; feeding should be to prevent impurities mixed into the impurities should be found immediately into the head, the screw memory glue net.
3. Die sets of wire diameter surface is not smooth or no gap, or plastic decomposition of the material deposited in the mold mouth, so that the surface traces; mold should carefully check the surface diameter is smooth, appropriate to reduce the die temperature, found The deposit should be removed immediately at the module.
4. Cable core is too heavy, the line tension is small, and the cooling is not good, the plastic surface is easy to wrinkle; the former should increase the tension, which should reduce the traction wire speed, to ensure the cooling time.
Four, Uneven thickness and bamboo shape of PVC cable material when extrusion
How to improve?
Often check the traction, screw, and retractable tension device or speed, timely adjustment; optional mold to be appropriate to prevent the reverse; often monitor the change in diameter.
Fifth, Stomata and bubbles of PVC cable material when extrusion
1. Temperature control caused by the local high; found should be timely adjustment and strict control of temperature.
2. Plastic damp or water caused by the discovery should be promptly halted side by side the net tide material.
3. should increase the drying device; material drying and then use.
4. Wire core should be preheated.

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