PVC Wire and Cable Environmental Requirements

  1. Lead and heavy metal content is low
    As we all know, lead and certain heavy metals will adversely affect human health, and in PVC formulations, usually mixed with lead, cadmium, barium and other heavy metal compounds additives. However, since the 90s of last century, a number of developed countries and large electric companies have enacted regulations in the use of PVC wire and cable, there are eight kinds of heavy metals content shall not exceed the provisions. These new regulations give both wire and cable manufacturers new business opportunities, but also to PVC cable manufacturers to bring serious challenges.pvc_arm_cable.jpg2. Require low smoke and low hydrogen peroxide
    Good flame retardant PVC wire and cable is a very obvious advantage, however, ordinary flame-retardant PVC cable in the fire burning, it will release a thick black smoke and a lot of HCI gas, resulting in fire after the "second Disaster ", a serious impact on evacuation and fire rescue work carried out. Therefore, in the wire and cable flame retardant requirements made at the same time, in some occasions will further use the "low smoke" and "low HCI" requirements.
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