Analysis of heat resistance of silicone rubber cables and wires

Silicone wire and cable as a new cable, which is widely used for its silicone rubber material has played a big role, let's analyze the thermal properties of silicone rubber wire and cable.
Theoretically speaking, the silicone rubber material in the air is much better heat resistance than organic rubber at different temperatures their use is not the same. In the case of 150 ℃, and its physical and mechanical properties are essentially no impact of the compensation wire can almost get permanent use; in the case of 200 ℃ silicone rubber wire and cable can be used continuously for more than 10,000 hours; 380 ℃ when only a short time can be used. To sum up, we can understand very natural, high-temperature silicone rubber wire and cable widely used in other occasions why.
So silicone rubber wire and cable silicone rubber material, its heat resistance and what factors do? In simple terms, both types of heat-resistant silicone rubber and rubber raw materials, vinyl content (crosslink density), wherein the heat resistant additives, fillers and other factors related to the type and amount, and its mix of pH value and water content are also relevant. So we choose a polymerization catalyst in its raw rubber, fillers, select its reaction after neutralization of residual catalyst, such as carbon black and white control agent also require special attention.
At the same time, heat-resistant grade silicone rubber material, at temperatures above 250 deg.] C, the increase in hardness is slightly slower rate of decline of its tensile strength and elongation at break and other factors are correspondingly smaller . 

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