The Method of Laying Medium Voltage Power Cable --- Laying in Pipe

Laying in pipe, that is a cable laying way that when there are many cables used together, to install cables into the orderly pipeline which is safely placed underground. It is required that the inner diameter of the pipe is greater than or equal to 1.5 times of the actual cable outer diameter, and to lay the cable under the permafrost layer, the slope of the pipe and in the direction of work well should be greater than 0.2%, and the gaps between each pipe should be greater than 20 mm, so that to ensure good heat dissipation.
20180813135908.jpgWhen installing cables, we have to make sure the entrance of the pipe is smooth, with no sharp or sundry, to avoid the cable is scratched during installation. The working temperature of XLPE insulated cable is 90 ℃, when we select the pipe material, some material with good mechanical performance and heat dissipation performance shall be selected. No
wadays, the main pipe material are whalen cement pipe, double-wall corrugated pipe, flame retardant PVC - C, painted plastic pipe and hot melt PE tubing, etc.240mm-3-Core-Armoured-Cable-Xlpe-Insulation (1).jpgThe advantage of laying in pipe to install cables is convenient for maintenance, and can leave room for other cables, covering area is small, the adjustable space of cable working well is larger, with excellent fireproof performance and strong mechanical performance. This cable laying way is generally used in some heavy traffic zones with many cross links, roads, railways, but armored cable is not recommended to choose the cable laying way.The shortcomings of this cable installation way are clearly, relative to the directly buried laying, its cost of cable installation is higher, the heat dissipation performance is poorer, it is easy to cause XLPE insulated cable’s service life is reduced (general XLPE insulated cable’s service life is 30 years, but according to statistics, cable service life will be reduced 35% - 40% if the XLPE insulated cable was layed in pipe improperly ). In addition, the handover head of the cable is more in such cable laying way, some hidden danger will easily occur such as leakage, small animal invasion or tearing the cable. Also the maintenance cost is high

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