How third-party testing and certification improves quality and safety of cable products

Third party, independent testing and certification is becoming increasingly important as buyers and contractors alike continue to seek and establish distinct differences between one supplier and another. Apart from technical specifications, factors that can influence customer decision-making can include compliance, corporate and social responsibility, and most importantly, commercial advantages.

With new technology and infrastructure placing more pressure than before on electrical grids, cable quality is more critical than ever. Cable is essential to business operations and many daily activities, including powering building infrastructures with enough light and power supplies to run computers and operational equipment.


Understandably, in today’s fast-moving and developing world, cable manufacturers seek to distinguish themselves clearly from their competition. In obtaining third-party verification, cable manufacturers can evidence that products are compliant, of a specific quality and safe to use.

Cable quality may be unwittingly taken for granted, which can have serious consequences, as faulty appliances and wiring are known to be the second most common cause of dangerous faults and fires. As cable is installed in our homes and workplaces, quality must be a key concern. Cable products that function and operate as they should, are crucial in the event of an emergency as they are central to ensuring that equipment continues to run as needed. Malfunctioning cable products could incapacitate those within the vicinity, impairing their senses, making evacuation difficult to undertake. The systems implemented to aid safety could also fail, causing already dangerous situations to worsen and increasing the levels of risk.

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