What should a high quality PVC cable in China look like?

Wire and cable industry is an important supporting industry of economic construction in the world, which is widely used in various fields of economy. PVC Power cable has stable performance, good process performance, low price, etc., a wide range of radiation in the AC 50hz, rated voltage 6kv and below the transmission and distribution lines.

China is an import and export country, China's wire and cable industry is also closely followed the times, walking in the front of the world peers. So many countries procurement staff in China to buy their own PVC cable. But because of China's vast territory, the cable industry, the level of the manufacturers are uneven, then how can we buy to high-quality PVC cable?

1. Preferred regular manufacturers, business products. Cheng Pan Packaging wire should have a certificate, the wire body should be printed with a factory name or trademarks, voltage, 3C signs. Manufacturers of counterfeit and shoddy wire is often "three no" products, but there are also ambiguous origin and other signs, such as China Manufacturing, a Chinese province or a city manufacturing, which is actually equal to the origin of the original.


2. The conductor material used in the cloth wire is mainly copper and aluminum. In the purchase of the first should be based on the use of the load to choose the corresponding specifications, such as lighting lines using 1.5 square mm of copper wire or 2.5 square millimeter aluminum wire, air-conditioning, microwave ovens, ovens and other use of 2.5 square mm of copper wire or 4 square mm of aluminum wire, the choice of the appropriate specifications of the wire can avoid due to small specifications of the lack of electrical discharge caused by short circuit fire; second, should pay attention to the quality of the conductor, the qualified copper wire should be used purple, shiny, soft touch copper, and shoddy copper core line copper core for purple black, partial yellow or white, impurities, mechanical strength is poor, toughness is poor, a little force will break, and if it is a lot of copper wire is often disconnected phenomenon, the service life is short.

3. The outer skin of the cloth wire is PVC insulating material. Qualified wire insulation should be smooth appearance, surface printing clear. From the wire head observation, insulation should be uniform, not biased core. Some shoddy wire insulation layer seems to be very thick, in fact, mostly made of recycled plastic, a long time, insulating layer will be aging and leakage.

4. Good quality wire, generally within the specified weight range. Prices, because of the low production cost of fake and shoddy wire, so vendors in sales, often to cheap for the pretence of low-cost sales, people fooled.

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