35KV Insulated Overhead Cable

35KV Insulated Overhead Cable

Implemented standard of 35KV Insulated Overhead Cable


1KV GB/T12527     10KV GB/T 14049     35KV GB/T14049


Introduction of 35KV Insulated Overhead Cable


The product is made up of the compacted copper, aluminum ( aluminum alloy) conductor, inner shield, climate- resistant insulation material and outer shield. It has simple structure and is safe and reliable. It has both excellent properties of the power cable and good physical properties of the aerial cable. By using the climate-resistant insulation material, the product has the excellent properties of resistance to air aging. Compare with the bare wire, it has the good characteristics such as smaller laying distance, hither reliability. It is suitable for using in the high buildings, brush land and bad weather zone.

 35KV Insulated Overhead Cable

Characteristics of 35KV Insulated Overhead Cable


1.There are three rated voltage: 1KV, 10KV, 35KV;


2.Allowed long-term working temperature:


PE insulation-70℃,PVC insulation-70℃,Cross-linked PE-90℃;


3.When short-circuit (the longest time is not more than 5 second), the highest temperature: PE insulation 130℃,PVC insulation 160℃,Cross-linked PE 250℃;


4.The environment temperature for laying should be not lower than -20℃;


5.The working environment temperature is from -40℃ to +40℃, the relative humidity should be not more than 90% in rainy season;


6.Permitted bending radius


Cable with rated voltage 1KV and below: outer diameter of the cable D≤25mm,bending radius should be not less than 4D. The outer diameter of cable D>25mm, bending radius should be not less than 6D.


Cable with rated voltage 10KV,35KV: Single core cable: 20*(D+d)±5%  multiple core cable: 15*(D+d)±5%


In which:


D-the actual outer diameter of the cable, mm;


d-the actual outer diameter of the cable conductor, mm.


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