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The installation and construction of overhead cable

Through statistical analysis of line fault, due to construction, installation and connection and other factors caused the failure is often much greater than the probability of failure caused by faulty wire cable body.

The Method of Laying Medium Voltage Power Cable --- Laying in Pipe

Laying in pipe, that is a cable laying way that when there are many cables used together, to install cables into the orderly pipeline which is safely placed underground

Analysis of heat resistance of silicone rubber cables and wires

Silicone wire and cable as a new cable, which is widely used for its silicone rubber material has played a big role, let's analyze the thermal properties of silicone rubber wire and cable.

Rubber Insulated Concentric Cable Manufacturer

It can be used in the electrical wire,control cable and signal transmission line of electric appliance,instrument and electronic equipment and automatic device, which also can be used for burglar alarm system,building intercom system and so on.

Causes and preventive measures for wire and cable damage in winter

When the product is laid and installed: It is best to choose to work in the middle and afternoon when the temperature is warmer. If there are conditions

Factors Influencing the Carrying Capacity of Copper Cable

In the neutral line carrying current, while the phase line load is not reduced accordingly, the loop current rating should be determined to consider the neutral line.
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