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how to choose heat-resistant high temperature wire and cable

The general wire and cable is insulated with plastic and rubber. These materials are conventional engineering materials, have a rich source, can meet large-scale production, and the cost is relatively low. However, for some special industries

How to prevent wires and cables from catching fire due to overload?

Wire and cable are materials used for electrical, electrical, and related transmission purposes. There are no strict boundaries between "wires" and "cables."

High and low voltage cables carrying capacity?

high and low voltage cable carrying capacity in principle is not the same. High voltage cable current carrying capacity should be slightly lower than the voltage cables.

Method of Finding Fault Point of Cable

(1) sound measurement method: the so-called sound measurement method is based on the fault cable discharge sound to find, the method for high-voltage cable core

Shielding Methods and Applications Used in Cables

Since the power cable has relatively large current ,electric current will produce a magnetic field, in order not to affect other components, so the shield can shield this electromagnetic field inside the cable

What’s the usage and difference of coaxial cable and fiber optic cable?

Coaxial cable is a layer of insulated wire wrapped around the central copper conductor cable. It is characterized by good anti-interference ability, stable transmission of data, the price is cheap
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