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Service characteristics and operating conditions of insulated overhead cables

The crosslinking polyethylene insulation overhead cable core maximum working temperature of 90 ℃ for a long time, high density polyethylene insulation 75 ℃, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is 70 ℃

What is the relationship between sheath thickness and cable quality?

Sheath thickness below the standard requirements of course is unqualified, but the thickness exceeds the standard requirements, but also unqualified.

Five Problems and Improving Methods of PVC Cable Material in Extrusion

Often check the traction, screw, and retractable tension device or speed, timely adjustment; optional mold to be appropriate to prevent the reverse; often monitor the change in diameter.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of overhead cables?

Relative immunity to short circuits caused by external forces (wind, fallen branches), unless they abrade the insulation.
Can stand in close proximity to trees/buildings and will not generate sparks if touched.

XLPE/PVC Instrumentation Cable Manufacturer with Overall Shielded

XLPE/PVC Instrumentation Cable with Overall Shielded Pairs/Triads Approvals:

Treatment Method for Moisture of XLPE Power Cable

In urban power grid reconstruction projects, cables, especially polyethylene insulated power cables, have been widely used. However, due to the particularity of
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