Navigant Research Report Shows Carbon Nanotubes Have the Potential to Improve Transmission Network E

Navigant Research Report Shows Carbon Nanotubes Have the Potential to Improve Transmission Network E
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CNTs, small tubes composed of carbon atoms, are ideal for transmission network cables and wiring. Due to their physical and chemical properties, they offer an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio and superior conductivity, however, high costs and other challenges have so far deterred adoption. Click to tweet: According to a new report from @NavigantRSRCH, CNT market players can work to change this by prioritizing scientific development and building strong relationships among market contributors.ZaSPVC Cable,PVC insulated Power Cables,Flexible Wire

“The utility industry stands to benefit tremendously from the conductivity and strength-to-weight characteristics of CNTs, as the tubes could be integrated into transmission and distribution (T&D) networks to enhance power delivery efficiency and reliability,” says Michael Hartnack, research analyst with Navigant Research. “With the right strategies, key players in the CNT market have the potential to improve transmission network efficiency and reliability.”ZaSPVC Cable,PVC insulated Power Cables,Flexible Wire

According to the report, science labs should continue to push the envelope with innovation in the synthesis, production, and deployment of CNTs, while vendors should strive to reduce costs and improve large-scale manufacturing capabilities. Utilities, meanwhile, should build relationships with vendors and labs and, if possible, create R&D teams to drive innovation.ZaSPVC Cable,PVC insulated Power Cables,Flexible Wire

The report, Improving Transmission Efficiency with Carbon Nanotube Technology, provides a snapshot of the global utility market for CNTs, highlighting significant CNT characteristics and discussing challenges for grid integration. The study provides an overview of CNTs and an analysis of the potential benefits they can provide to the electric grid. In addition, this report provides recommendations for utilities, vendors, and research labs on how to overcome current obstacles and drive eventual utility deployment. ZaSPVC Cable,PVC insulated Power Cables,Flexible Wire

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