A simple method for judging the quality of cable material

A simple method for judging the quality of cable material
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Product Description

As the price of electronic raw materials fluctuates, the market sales environment becomes increasingly severe, competitors continue to emerge, and the quality of wire and cable in the market is uneven (copper-clad aluminum, copper-clad steel, copper-clad iron, copper-clad clay or secondary copper, Secondary glues, etc.) are numerous and dazzling, and it is difficult to distinguish between good and bad, making it difficult for buyers to choose. Wire and cable (line) construction: Generally, a plurality of bare copper or tin-plated copper wires are used, semi-rigid PVC insulation, core twisted wires or plus cotton thread paper are isolated, and then the jacket is extruded. Here are two simple and effective ways to quickly solve wire quality problems.DoTPVC Cable,PVC insulated Power Cables,Flexible Wire
The first one is to look at the external material of the wire rods; the standard temperature-resistant wires of 80 degrees and 105 degrees are generally semi-rigid PVC sheaths (except for special wires), with a smooth surface, moderate hardness, good toughness, and resistance to bending. Gender (no crack after bending at 90 degrees), external odor is weak; on the contrary, a wire made of secondary or tertiary material is covered, and the surface is dark and has bubbles and the toughness is not resistant to bending (90 degrees). After bending, white and micro cracks appear.DoTPVC Cable,PVC insulated Power Cables,Flexible Wire
The second is to look at the color and texture of the conductor copper wire; standard conductor copper wire usually uses multiple strands of tinned copper wire or copper wire. The surface is bright (bright copper), the toughness is not destroyed, and the conductor resistance is small. (For a 2 × 0.5 square millimeter armored wire, for example, the resistance per kilometer does not exceed 39 ohms.) Conversely, the copper-clad aluminum conductor has a very dark shadow, is easily broken (ignited and melted with an igniter), and has a copper-resistant conductor. Difficult to distinguish. Copper clad steel conductor color is golden flash, high toughness (with igniter combustion is not easy to burn), conductor resistance is large. The copper-clad iron conductor is grayish yellow, poor in toughness, easily broken, and has a large conductor resistance. Copper-clad conductors are gray in color and have poor toughness. It is easily broken (ignited with an igniter and powdered) and the conductor resistance is not stable.
DoTPVC Cable,PVC insulated Power Cables,Flexible Wire

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