What's the advantage of PVC cable?

What's the advantage of PVC cable?
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Product Description

 1 Manufacturing technology is mature, easy molding and manufacturing. Compared with other types of cable insulation materials, not only low-cost, in the surface color, matt, printing, processing efficiency, soft hardness, conductor adhesion, wire itself mechanical and physical properties and electrical properties can be effectively controlled.AMOPVC Cable,PVC insulated Power Cables,Flexible Wire

   pvc cable.jpgAMOPVC Cable,PVC insulated Power Cables,Flexible Wire

 2) has very good flame retardant performance, so PVC insulated cable is very easy to meet various standards of the flame retardant grade.
 3 in the rated voltage, generally used for the rated 1000V AC and its following voltage levels, can be widely used in household appliances, instrumentation, lighting, network communications and other industries.
 Understand the pvc cable's advantages, let's learn the disadvantage of PVC cable.

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