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European wind to grow by average 17 GW/yr by 2022

Europe's wind energy capacity will grow at a solid rate over the next five years, expanding by an average of 17 GW a year and reaching 258 GW by 2022, according to WindEurope

To avoid the accelerated ageing of the cable insulation and damage

In cable trench and cable tunnel should have good drainage facilities, such as setting water shallow groove, collecting well, and can effective drainage, set up automatically when necessary, to stop pumping device, prevent water

Understand the causes and solutions of power cable heating

In the power line, the proportion of cables is gradually increasing. The power system of the power cable is a cable product for transmitting and distributing high-power electric energy in the trunk line.

2018-25 global silicone rubber power cable annual compound growth rate of 2.3%

According to the status and forecast of the global silicone rubber power cable market released by Market Expertz, the global silicone rubber power cable market will reach 890 million US dollars in 2017. It is estimated that by 2025, this data will increas

GlobeNet and Facebook Bring New Submarine Cable to Argentina

Named 'Malbec' after the renowned Argentinian wine, the new 2,500 km submarine cable will link the Brazilian cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo to Buenos Aires

Global Electricity Demand To Increase By 57% By 2050, BNEF Forecasts

Global electricity demand is expected to reach approximately 38,700 terawatt-hours (TWh) by 2050 according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, up from 25,000 TWh in 2017 and driving significant new investment in power generating capacity

The main functions of cable shielding layer

The conductor of the cable is twisted by a plurality of wires, and the air gap is easy to form between the conductor and the insulating layer. The surface of the conductor is not smooth, and the electric field can be concentrated.

The grounding problem of Medium and Low-voltage power cables

In the public medium and low-voltage power cable networks, since the three-phase load is not equal, if using a cable with metal layer, the grounding problem of metal layer must be considered

Power cable moisture-proof problem

Operation experience shows, most of faults in medium and low voltage power cables are faults in the middle and end of cables, while the faults in intermediate and terminal

The application of PVC Insulated Power Cables

PVC insulated power cable is the traditional low-voltage power cable,mainly to provide AC voltage 3.6 / 6kV and below the level of transmission and distribution lines of current transmission
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